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Spec Seats is a family owned company based out of Los Angeles and Chicago. We manufactured the first all-steel folding chair in the United States in 1925. In early 1973, we created the "logo seating" concept for sports venues and teams to raise brand awareness and communication to a team's fan base. Our seats were the center piece of arenas, where any logo or slogan could be placed on the chair, revolutionizing marketing in stadiums across the world.

We currently work with athletic departments in high schools, universities, and professional sports teams at a global level. We supply seating to the NBA, NCAA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, Live Nation, ASM, USL and many more.

Our handcrafted product is built for the most elite athletes, with the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Now, with our licensing agreement with the NBA, we are proud to announce, Spec Seats Shop. We are honored to have supported you and sat with you side by side, throughout the memorable sports moments of your first NBA game, your first stadium hotdog, and your first alley-oop. We are thrilled to offer our authentic stadium seats for home use, allowing fans to memorialize those moments in time you look back to or dream of.

We are a haven for all things sports, from the NBA to the NCAA. You can now get your collectible courtside, locker room and team bench chairs that represent the most legendary moments in the sports world.

Choose your team and bring the game home.